Sexy Robe Sewing Tutorial

Guys. I am too excited about this tutorial! It’s long but it’s so worth it! I love it. Rashad loves it. The gods love it. There’s  100% chance that I will act stuck up when wearing this. This is a great way to get sexy without breaking the bank. Ok. That’s enough of that. Let’s get into this tutorial. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to see the finished product!

You will need:

  • Chiffon or Mesh Net fabric (I think you can use any fabric for this. But, if you’re going for sexy stick to these)
  • Matching Thread (you can use a contrasting thread to add a little spice)
  • Basic Sewing supplies (you can check out this post for a list of those)
  • Loose fitting sweater or jacket (choose something that resembles how you would like your robe to fit. You CAN use a t-shirt but a sweater or jacket will most likely be a better example of the fit you want)

To know exactly how much fabric you need you will need to do some math.
Measure from your shoulder to the length you would like your robe, this is the length.
Ok now measure from your shoulder to your wrist and add 3.

Body(inches)+Shoulder(inches)=Amount of fabric needed(in inches)

Divide this number by 36 and you will know how many yards you need. I always get a little extra to account for fabric not being even or mistakes.

Back Panel

  1. Keep your fabric folded and lay it out flat on your floor or a table.
  2. Fold your sweater in half and place the center of it on the fold of your fabric. Fold the sleeves in so that you can see the arm hole edge.
  3. Use your measuring tape to make sure that you have enough fabric available for your body measurement.
  4. Use a marking tool to trace around your sweater being sure to leave seam allowance. I traced about an inch away. Continue the line on an angle to the “end” of your robe. Draw a line from the end point to the fold of your fabric.
  5. Cut this out. This will be the back of your robe. Put it aside.


Front Panels

  1. Fold the sweater the same way and place 2″ away from the fold. Repeat steps 3-5 of the back panel.
  2. Measure from your shoulder to where you would like your “v” to land.
  3. With fabric still folded 2″ from the fold cut a diagonal line toward the fold using the length of your v. For me this measurement was 10″.
  4. With fabric folded cut down your fold. You now have your two front pieces!

Extra: If you would like your robe to be curved at the hem, before you separate the pieces, you can freehand cut a curve from the edge that was folded to the bottom of your pieces. I did it as an after thought.


Next Steps

  1. Hem all outside edges (all raw edges except side with arm hole) of the fabric a 1/4″. If you have a serger you can serge instead.
  2. Fold the hemmed edges of the front panels toward the inside of your fabric 2″. Pin and sew. My serger cut off a bit more than I would have liked so I opted for only 1 1/2″ fold.
  3. Do the same for the bottom edge of your back panel
  4. Layer back pattern piece and front panels right side together. Being sure to line up the arm holes and shoulders. Pin them together and sew. DO NOT SEW YOUR ARM HOLE CLOSED.

You should now have a vest. I def tried it on and paraded around a bit to give myself a break! Honestly if you made it this far in one sitting you should probably take a break too!



  1.  Time for the sleeves. Line your arm hole up to the fold of your fabric with the top edge of the shoulder on the fold. Using your shoulder measurement mark the point from both the top of your arm hole and the bottom. Cut this out. You can use the arm you have cut to cut another one out.
  2. Hem the edge of your sleeves 1/4″ and then fold toward the inside 2″ and stitch. (I did not remember to do this step but doing this now will give a more finished look)
  3. Fold your sleeve right side together and sew the open edge.
  4. Attach Sleeves.


Attaching sleeves is a bit frustrating and a tutorial in itself. I have linked to a YouTube video that explains it well.

I really LOVE this bomber jacket tutorial   by KenAndrewDaily if you skip to 17:25 you will have a nice visual and instruction on how to insert a sleeve. I highly recommend you saving that tutorial and making the jacket later though!

Congrats! You are done.

image1 (2)

This tutorial can be used to make a great beach cover up, bridesmaids robes, or even a long sweater! It’s all about the fabric you choose.

Feel free to ask for clarity in the comments if any steps are a bit iffy. Thanks so much for sticking with me through my first sewing tutorial!!

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