Prepping for a LDM

So Rashad and I have made a decision and I can’t seem to shut up about it which is just making us both More anxious than we need to be! Sooooo…so that I can keep talking about it I’m going to blog about it! 

We have decided that it would be in our best interest to live separately for a few months. Insane. I know. But it will help us to reach our goals faster.

We were in a long distance relationship before but the major difference is that this time I am moving after we have lived together.
This decision for me to transition from The Bahamas, with the man I love, to Delaware was NOT easy. Even though I am sad I am super excited about being able to spend time with family members I haven’t had the chance to bond with.

I think that now more than I ever I NEED to throw myself into this blog to help get through the days to come.

I have a few months before I make the move, thank God! But I have already started selling and giving away items from my craft stash so it feels very real.

I’m going to drag anyone willing to read along this journey with us and hopefully it helps more than hurts.